Ce Soir ou Jamais

tonight I write...or never

Wednesday, June 29

French Whore

I am not big on perfume, but I do have a few scents that are OK and do not give me a headache that lasts for days on end. You could say that I am very sensitive to smells; paticular to those that are too strong and contain too much alcohol. The perfumes that I own, when lightly spritzed on the body, create a light scent that should not linger long after I leave the room.

Tonight my daughter decided to try some on for size. While I was walking the dog, and Scott lay in bed snoring, she went through my perfumes to 'liven up' her smell after taking her nighttime shower.

She decided on Chanel's Gardenia. My child didn't spritz. She bathed in it. She also washed her hair in it. And scented her underwear drawer. And cleaned out her backpack with it. And replaced the mothballs in her closet with it.

Her bedroom smells, as my mom so eloquently puts it, like a French Whore. Now, I have been to France and I may have seen a prostitute or too, but I do not recall any scent other than dog poo the entire time I visited that country. But still, I fall back to my mother's description whenever there is the overpowering scent of something good gone wrong. And the scent in my daughter's room is so strong, it's making it's way through the entire upstairs, permeating even the dog's fluffy fur. I fear for the cloud of seductive mist that awaits me at the top of the stairs.

Please say it's OK for me to sleep in the basement tonight.

And speaking of thank you notes

I have to share this e-mail I received from a mom of a daughter who came to Darian's party:

Phoebe and Samantha both had excellent reports of Miss
Darian's party. Phoebe is so proud of her new treasure
chest and she's playing her new CD constantly! Both
were perfect ideas. Oh, and she was really happy about
the Cuties. Thanks for doing that! It's really great
when my freaky-eatin' fam is included in the party
food. I appreciate that immensely.

(Phoebe is a wonderful Vegan little girl who got to have *2* tofutti cuties instead of one since I forgot to get her vegan cake.)

I *love* that her mom sent me this thank you note. She is a rockin' mom whom I respect *immensely*.

Ten on Tuesday this Wednesday

Sorry! Ten on Tuesday for this week is 8 truths and 2 lies. Tell me what you think the lies are!

1. I was in an Appalachian Clogging Troupe for several years.
2. I spent 14 weeks backpacking through Europe where I sustained a severe knee injury snowboarding in the Alps.
3. I used to volunteer with the Seattle Public Library recording books on tape for the blind.
4. When I was much younger, I did some naughty things with a very famous band and it was published in the lead singer's memoirs.
5. I sang several Cole Porter tunes at my sister-in-law's wedding, much to my mother- in-law's chagrin.
6. During the time I was a stay at home mom, I donated some of my eggs to a clinic as we were desperate for money. They paid me $3K.
7. When I was a little girl, my baby sitter's teenage son spiked my juice with acid.
8. I have spent several summers volunteering at a summer camp for the developmentally delayed.
9. I was once so mad at my husband while we were at a festival that I stole his wallet and threw it into a crowd of people.
10. I spent my spare time, one summer, going to dollar theaters to see Pulp Fiction. I ended up seeing that movie approximately 14 times.

Out of the mouths of babes

Everytime Darian gets a gift, she is required to write thank you notes. She doesn't always like to write them since it is an arduous task and her list of gift givers is extensive. We are working through her birthday and she is to write 5 a night. In her note, she is to thank the person who gave her the gift and mention something about the gift that relates to her.

Here is what she wrote to my mother- spelling errors and all:

Dear Mom-Mom,

Thank you for my cloth and thank you for visting me. The siwmsout did not fit me. I did not try on the cloth. But I still like them. Love Darian. P.S. I love you, and I miss you.

She may not be a girl of many (correctly spelled) words, but at least she is honest!

Monday, June 27

Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise


Darian and Scott both had dental appoitments today. Scott got his cavities filled and Darian has no cavities. Well, I should hope not! She just had a couple, make that 7 (!), filled not 3 weeks ago.

I love how my husband reports on doc visits. After a couple of beers, he says, "Oh, yeah- she needs to see an orthodontist. Something about her top teeth and needing a wire behind them. But *it's not braces* and she needs to go in like 6 months."


Last year after he took her to her well kid checkup (Well, Kid, you need to know something about your parents....) he said that everything looked good. Then the next day he calls me on my cell phone to say, "Oh, yeah- so Darian has scoliosis. But it's really mild and you can hardly tell and she won't need to wear a brace. But we need to watch her when she is a teenager."


Scott made the rounds with the homeopath, too (Was that a psychiatrist we just saw?), and after a major appoitment that I regret missing, I couldn't get much out of him. Until the next day as we were on an outing for a milkshake. Cell phone rings and it's Scott, "Oh yeah, so she can't have any sugar cause that is really what's causing her problems with paying attention."

I think I need to attend these daytime appointments, don't you?


Today Darian's (belated) birthday check arrived. Her great grandmother is very generous and provided her with enough cash to pay for her plane ticket *and* a rent a car for her visit to Texas. Yup, the money has it's purpose. She also got a one dollar bill inside of one of her gifts. As Darian loves to say, "It's not about the money, it's about the love!" Who could say that she is wrong?


Since we are both so worn out from this past week's celebration, we took Darian up on her dinner selection: jellybeans and hotdogs.

Post script from Scott: when J_Bo says 'will' it means 'possibly'. Not quite. Or, may. It means May, or, Not quite. When she says, 'Oh yeah, after a couple of beers' , it possibly means 'quick cell phone call after coffee'.
And that's all he has to say.

Does that make sense to any of you?!!!

Sunday, June 26

The weekend report

It's been a productive and well spent week off from work. Most of the time was spent with my mom and niece, natch, and celebrating Darian's birthday.

The highlights: (I will elaborate more once my mom is not sitting right next to me at the computer.)

Club Libby Lu- if I ever see another glint of glitter, pink shimmer, or maribou feathers, I think I will scream. But the girls loved it there!!

Dead rat- the other night while the girls played The Sims, I thought for sure that in front of the fire place sat a big pile of ashes. Nope, it was a dead rat. Even though I was armed with latex gloves, many bags, and bleach, I still got a case of the Heebee Geebees and couldn't dispose of the thing. Thank goodness for my mom.

Bouncy house- the best $200 spent ever toward a birthday party. All the girls had a rockin good time bouncing hysterically from their Cupcake Royale sugar highs.

Leavenworth, WA- why have I not ever taken my mom to this little German town before? Oh, cause if I hear another accordian or talk of glockenspiels and hummels, I'm going to shove my size 7 up someone's colonic entrance! Kidding! We had a fun time eating sourkrap and thinking about beer.

Potato salad- my mother is completely inept in the kitchen. But, when she learned that her daughter had a knee injury that she suffered through during her visit, she stepped up to the plate and made a fabulous potato salad that we served at our bbq last night. Shhh...don't tell her husband that she can cook!

Well, she is still sitting here next to me wanting me to take her to the airport, even though her plane does not leave for another *8* hours, so Gotta Go!

Happy Sunday, y'all!

Friday, June 24

Friday's Feast

Trying something new since, yet again, I have no photos for Stuff Portrait Friday. Sorry!

Friday's Feast

What time do you usually wake up each day? If you could choose your wake-up time, when would it be?

I wake up each day between 5 and 5:15 am. On weekends, I get up around 7, but sometimes go back to bed after taking care of the dog. Depends on the day.

When was the last time you bought groceries? What store did you go to? Name 3 things you purchased.

Today! I went to Trader Joe's and got iced tea, eggs, and potatoes.

How many books have you read so far this year? Which was your favorite and why?

So far this year I think I have read about 20 books- several for the 2nd or third time. I really liked Kite Runner and Time Traveler's Wife. Both made me cry.

Main Course
What is something you consider to be very elegant? In particular, what about that item/place/person conjures up the feeling of elegance?

This is kind of silly, but I think that the baby grand piano I have in my living room is very elegant. I love having dinner parties, people mingling, and listening to the piano play. It seems to be the only elegant thing about me!

Who taught you how to drive?

My mom taught me how to drive when I was a teenager, but I did not get my license until I was 27!

Wednesday, June 22

It was 8 years ago...

As the solstice approaches and the hours pass, I become remiss about what happened this time eight years ago....

Lookin' out on the mornin' rain
I used to feel uninspired
And when I knew I had to face another day
Oh it made me feel so tired

Before the day I met you
Life was so unkind
But your love was the key to my peace of mind

Cause you make me feel
You make me feel
You make me feel
Like a natural woman

When my soul was in the lost and found
You came along to claim it
I didn't know just what was wrong with me
Oh till your kiss helped me name it

Now I'm no longer doubtful
Of what I'm livin' for
Cause if I make you happy
I don't need to do more

Cause you make me feel
You make me feel
You make me feel
Like a natural woman

Oh baby what you've done to me
You make me feel so good inside
Good inside
And I, I just wanna be close to you
Because you make me feel so alive
Oh what you've done to me
Close to you because you make me feel so alive

You make me feel
You make me feel
You make me feel
Like a natural woman

This is the song that comes right into my mind thinking about the day my girl was born, and how it feels to be her mother.

I love you, my dear Darian. Happy Birthday to you, my love.

Tuesday, June 21

Ten on Tuesday

Ten Things That Annoy You About Work

1. When I hear my co-worker on the phone saying he'll get his assistant to do something for a client. We have no assistants where I work.
2. That same co-worker yelling that he is leaving for the day or going to lunch. No one really cares.
3. When my co-worker yells that our crm database is down. We all work with the same program in my department. We know when it doesn't work. Please stop yelling about it!
4. The continuing argument with a co-worker about what is room temperature and what is not. 76 degrees is *not* room temperature and if you are still cold, put on a freakin' coat.
5. When someone decides to shake the toner cartridge in the fax machine and not clean up the desk where the fax sits. There's a reason we keep paper towels next to that machine!
6. The lunchtime cliques.
7. No matching 401k.
8. Really expensive parking.
9. When people stop talking the moment I walk into the room.
10. It's kind of boring.

Saturday, June 18

Ghetto Target

I love shopping at Target- have loved shopping there when I first discovered one here in Seattle back when Darian was still in my belly. And when they changed the Target in my neighborhood from simply a 'concept' store ( at the time they had the concept of being out of everything- especially diapers and wipes) to a full on place to find everything, well, we were happy consumers. I loved walking in through the automatic doors, the bright red plastic carts greeting me, "Thank you for stopping by, I am sure you will fill me up!" and seeing the faces of other cute, suburban moms like myself smiling as they perused the ailes. I especially loved the cute teenagers, roaming around with their walkie talkies doing their best to find everything their customers needed.

Until last night.

Last night I went into Target with a list and a mission to purchase a bouncy house- one that I had seen in a flyer sent out a few weeks ago. And I never look through the flyers, nor do I bring a list with me, so you know that I meant business. My cart was filled with shower soap, paper towels, bath rug, kitty litter, and a Michael Graves designed doggy poop bag dispenser (not on my list!), when I made it into sporting goods and saw, or didn't see, that the particular bouncy house I was shopping for was not on the shelf. I wandered the ailes looking for a Target Team Member, being sure to listen out for the blaring walkie talkie (Uh, do we have *super* absorbent tampons?), when much to my dismay I could not find a sole. I thought I had seen an elderly team member over in the sewing machine aisle, but no, that was just a grandpa, who happened to be wearing a red polo, shopping for some scissors. I wandered for a few minutes more, not being tempted by the end caps whose soul purpose is to sell me crap I do not need. (Extra long beach towels! Star Wars bean bag chair! Golf clubs for Dad! Poop bags already tempted me, thanks!) I was not the only person in search of help...there was an older lady looking just as dazed as I. "What was happening at Target?' we questioned each other. We can *always* find some knowledgeable, go get 'em kid to help out in a pinch. She clarified her feelings during our conversation by adding, "What the fuck has happened to this place?!"

Then we discovered the red phone of assistance. Simply pick it up and a team member will there there to assist you in less than 60 seconds. She picked it up, and waited, and waited. She swore a little bit more (which I couldn't help but find funny- she looked like my friend's mom- all sweet and dressed in her fancy work clothes), then I picked up the phone. And waited. And waited some more. Then the other woman picked up the phone again, and kind of shouted, "There are 2 of us waiting! Is anyone going to help us?!' Like we were trapped in an elevator or something. Actually, it did kind of feel like that.

Along came Mohammed.

The first thing out of Mohammed's mouth was as series of chastising comments over that fact that we did not go to *another red phone* to ask for assistance. "Don't you know that you can go to another phone at the other aisle, be-otch?", he seemed to say in his Pakistan accent. The lady was just as curt with him, "I need an Eddie Bauer lawn chair. I don't care which kind, I just need 2 that match and you don't have any that match. Fucker." Mohammed critized her for choosing the wrong department and she was right back at him to say that no, he didn't know the store very well. She was right, by the way. But then he got her back by asking for a UPC and said that he could not help her if he didn't have this particular number, Bitch!

After the debacle with the lawn chair lady- who seemed to spontaneously combust when Mohammed told her he did not have what she wanted- he asked what I needed. I told about the bouncy house and he asked me for the UPC! What? What is it about you, dude, that you need a frickin' UPC? My shopping list is not a series of numbers, rather it is a column of words- which I showed him. I told him about the flyer and asked him to go look it up. He informed me that he does not get any flyers. "What? You are not provided with material telling you what is going on sale? You are supposed to guess what the fuck you have in the store?" He looked a bit confused with my extensive knowledge of boucy houses- dimensions, features, weight limits, price, page location in the flyer- when he got on the walkie talkie and requested 'Nathan'. I hoped then that the foul language and the inept ability to locate items was going to cease once 'Nathan' arrived.

Nathan, all spindly and pimply in his *button down* red shirt, was ready for action. Not only did he relegate Mohammed to simply fold the giant beach towels and not talk to any customers, he produced the flyers and informed me that I had been smoking crack. The only bouncy houses they have are the ones on the shelf, and there is no mystical flyer with some other house that fits my kid's birthday party needs. What is that? You saw it online? Then you should have ordered it online, bitch.

And so I left Target with my rolls of paper towels and my fancy poop bag dispenser- and no bouncy house- feeling utterly defeated. I looked to my husband and said, "That was just so surreal." He replied, "It's always like that on friday nights. It's Ghetto Target."

Friday, June 17


Blogger spellchecker just wanted to replace the word freakin' with foreskin!

Love that!

Vacation...all I ever wanted

This morning at approximately 11:30 PST begins my vacation! I know, I know...I started this new job exactly 2 months ago and already I am taking vacation. Yup, it's really rough over there at (nameless company)!

Today we are moving our offices from one neighborhood of Seattle to another. Operations are shutting down at 11 and then I am free.....

Darian has field day at school. We are supposed to bring cookies. Of course, we don't have any in the house, and I do not have the time to whip up a batch of my World Famous Chocolate Chip (c'mon! I'm online, doing laundry, and it's only 5:25 in the morning!) so Darian and I will hit the grocery store at 6:30 so she and her classmates can get their sugar high. I've never had the chance to go to field day and I am pretty excited to see what it is like. Afterward, she has got a date with Auntie to go shopping downtown. That means that Scott and I can have not so surprise sex, alone, without having to hear Darian knock on the door asking for one of us to open something for her. Yes, you all needed to know that!

Saturday we clean the house and that night run down to the airport to pick up my Mommy and Niece!!! They will be here for a fun filled week of exploration, shopping, and birthday parties!!! So, if I am not online much, it's cause freakin' *family* is monopolizing my time!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, June 15

Stuff Portrait Friday

Lame-o J Bo, I have yet to actually *photograph* my crap for SPF. I already have the answers, of course. Do you want to know, or see photographs with commentary?

Stuff that makes you wonder "What Was I Thinking?"

Stuff you're obligated to keep/display

Something you think no one else owns

Ten on Tuesday

10 Things You Wish You Knew When You Were in Highschool

You know, I have been thinking long and hard about this one and I just cannot come up with a list of 10 things. I think I have 2: I wish I knew how much computers would rule the world, and, I wish I had not spent so much money on the high school yearbook. Those kids who saw me as the weird outcast dressed in black who still managed to graduate with decent grades and get accepted to NYU could have given 2 shits about me. Why did I pony up the dough to keep their ugly mugs in a leatherbound commemorative edition for my spawn and spouse to peruse and giggle? Oh,right, for shits and giggles!

I really have no regrets about anything that happened while I was in high school. The best friendship I made there still last today- love you, Michele!- and I have great esteem fodder to share with my daughter. I was an individual who didn't necessarily follow the crowd (except for that minute in 9th grade when I made all the petitions to get the Hooters to play at our school!)

What do you wish you knew when you were in highschool?

All that we see or seem is but a dream within a blog

The other night, Sunday June 12 to be exact, I had my first blogging dream. This is what happened:

My friend LeAnn (a non blogger) had uploaded onto her blog porn. It was streaming porn and the part of her page with the media player was blurred. My husband told me it was because it was *porn*, special features were built into the blog so not everyone could see it. I really, really wanted to share about this new 'technology' and was at a party frantically searching for a laptop to blog. (I know- blogger's anxiety!)
While searching I realized that I had to be at Kristine's because I was supposed to watch her kids. She couldn't be home because she had to stand in line to buy concert tickets and I wondered why people still stood in line for tickets when they could be purchased online. I got to her home, but didn't get to meet her. My daughter was eating a pixie stick- (remember those?!) and food was boiling over on Kristine's stove. I just couldn't clean up after the kids and all I wanted to do was go to bed. Then Kristine suddenly arrived and I felt nervous about not having her house clean, or being able to find the kids! (They were never actually in the dream.) When I looked to Kristine, she started sinking into quick sand and then my alarm went off.

That's it! My first blogging dream. No real sex, no pantsless people, and no flying, but still a whole heck of a lot of symbolism! Any dream analyzers out there?

Tuesday, June 14


Just taking a long deep breath and exhaaaaaalllliiiinnnngggg......

Have not really been online since, well, since this weekend, I guess! I have a lot of things to blog about including a dream about blogging- I wrote it down the moment I woke up the other morning- and my dog killing a mouse and dripping in blood. I also need to do my 10 on Tuesday: 10 things I wish I knew when I was in high school.

We start a new schedule here at Monkey Hill beginning tomorrow and all of us must get to bed around, oh, right now.


Friday, June 10

Stuff Portrait Friday

It's Stuff Portrait Friday!!

* Something you have that you want more of

Why, what else could it be but....

More trips to Maui

* Something you have that you want less of

Tufts of Ellie fur throughout the house

* Something you have that you are completely satisfied with as is

How else could a mommy answer?

Thursday, June 9

Sitting on the coach's couch

I am a really horrible speller. I should clarify: I am a horrible typist and transpose vowels all the time, therefore, it appears that I am an inept speller. I am so thankful for spell checker! However, spell checker will not correct words that are actually spelled correctly but used incorrectly in a sentence.

Take for instance the word 'couch'.

A couple of years ago, I was on this big shopping spree to furnish my new home. Granted it wasn't a big shopping spree- I was spending most of my money on fancy appliances for the kitchen, but I also wanted a fancy couch. Couch.

In all my correspondences with my friends regarding the color selection, the wait time, the service from the fancy furniture store, the different styles available to me, etc, I was calling my couch a coach. Coach.

"Wow, you can't wait to lay down on your new coach?" my friend had asked.

"What are you talking about? Coach? I don't play sports?!"

Oooohhh. My horrible typing. It's Couch. Couch. Not coach.

The other day my mom called me from one of my favorite discount department stores in Maryland. She knows how much I love shopping for shoes and when I was last there in August, I got 3 pair of fancy shcmancy shoes that retailed for close to $400 for a mere $60. My mom frequents this store about once a month, and I beg her to call me when she is in the shoe department and describe the selection. Sunday the selection was hot. There was Via Spiga and Coach-perfect pieces for the shoe whore that I am. I chose the Coach and ended up in a lengthy discussion about my shoe size and where shoes are made and how they fit and what size would best fit me. We ended up getting a size 7. I was feeling so loving toward my mom- she would be bringing me new shoes, along with my niece, next weekend for her visit!!

Yesterday I got an e-mail from her that said: 'Sorry but I am going to have to take the Couch Shoes back, ....'

Did my mom say 'Couch'? Couch shoes? Well no wonder she would have to take them back! A Couch on my size 7's? Far too big!

Coach. Coach.

Wednesday, June 8

How could I forget about this?!

We are going to have another little one crying and aching for nurturing here at Monkey Hill!

That's right, you guessed it, Darian's getting a kitten for her birthday!

I'll post more about it at a later date, but come July we will have a new member of the family!


Just checkin' in...having felt in the mood to write.

I did get the Ten on Tuesday e-mail: 10 romantic things to do for your significant other. I am so lame and unromantic, that I cannot come up with a list. For real. I guess if you asked Scott what I did that was romantic, he could give you a list, but popping open champagne and wearing sexy lingerie is not really my idea of romantic. We've done romantic things *together*, but there is nothing that I do specifically that I feel is romantic. So, I guess you are wondering what Scott would consider something I do romantic. Eh?

Our few and far between weekends away that I have planned have been romantic. We've gone to local B&B's, wine country, and far off lands to be alone together. And by far, surprise sex is something he definitely considers romantic. What is surprise sex? That's when I wake up in the middle of the night to hear him playing X-Box Live with his gamer friends and instead of yelling at him to go to bed, I unplug the modem and have sex with him. He. Loves. That.

So what else has been going on? I think I made my own amends with my issues involving Darian's girl scout troop. Last night we did a science in action workshop with all the neighborhood brownie troops. While inquiring as to the availability of a troop that is one mile from home as opposed to three, I learned that we have one of the most established, involved, together troops. And there is really just one mom in our group who rubs me the wrong way and she wasn't there last night, so I wasn't loathing girl scout life. And as Darian likes to remind me: no matter if my friends aren't in my troop, they are still my girl scout sisters and always will be!

So that's about all for now. I know, nothing exciting, nothing witty, just a quick check in to say Hi!


Saturday, June 4

So carefree

I was just tidying up the man room when I looked over to the computer and saw this picure come up on the screensaver's slideshow:

I remember taking this photo of Darian last August- through the livingroom window. I totally caught her offguard and was pleasantly surprised to see her smile at me. She looks so happy and carefree- I love candid shots like that.

Kitties go for a ride

Last night we had to return that Garfield DVD in order to avoid the dreaded late fee- it had to be back by 11:59! So, at 9:30 Darian and I hopped in the car- as did our dog, and two cats.

Now Ellie, the crazy Pom, loves car rides. He was on car restriction for a while since he decided to crap while I was driving, then walk all over the back seat, and hop into the front with poopy coated paws, but that is a story I do not wish to go into further detail. Anyway, since I figured out that I need to *walk him* before riding in the car, all is good between us. He makes a fine passenger.

The original pet passenger is Griffin, our orange tabby. Griffin is the most friendly, outgoing, intelligent cat I have ever met in my life. He knows everyone in the neighborhood- even comes home with notes around his collar from neighbors thanking us for the visit! And since he is so well known as being affectionate and playful, no one has ever complained about him crapping in their gardens. Griffin *loves* to ride in the car. In fact, for a while, he had a car obsession. He had to go everywhere with us. When it was time to take Darian to school, or pick her up, he knew, and would be right there in the driveway waiting to hop in the car. He especially enjoyed sitting in her car seat.

We have another cat, Martini. Martini is Griffin's little brother. He really is a tiny cat- all black with white markings which looks like he is wearing a tuxedo- and he is much more reserved than Griffin. While Griffin roams the entire neighborhood, wandering into other's homes, getting locked in garages and basements, and being a social butterfly, Maritini chooses to wander around our yard and maybe venture across the street to see what it's like, but that's about it. When I walk Ellie, it's always Griffin who is with us- never Martini.

So last night came as quite a shock to me and Darian when Martini decided to hop in the car. We thought Martini hated the car- he has always dreaded going to the vet. If he is outside with us, he'll run away the moment we head for the driveway. Not last night! Granted, it took a little bit of coaxing, but he was curious and wanted to get in. The moment I backed out of the driveway, though, he started crying. Oh, the cries of a sad kitty. They made us laugh and coo "Awwwwww" and get Darian to exclaim that he needed to get back home. Nope, not turning around to let the cat out of the car. I was on a mission to avoid a late fee.

So, while we did get the video back in time, and Ellie and Griffin had a nice mile long ride in the car, Martini was scared to death. He ran right for the litter box the instant we got home and thanked us for the ride by stinking up the entire basement.

Friday, June 3

Stuff Portrait Friday

I saw this last week over at Kristine's blog and thought it would be fun to try. Scott thinks it's a little too personal and will cause people to stalk me, but he didn't think that maybe I need that type of action in my life. Another stalker. Anyway, this week's pictures are to be kid's room, a collection, and your desk.

First, I will show you a collection. It's my shoes. I don't have a very big collection, but I do enjoy every pair I own:

These are ones who have lost their boxes, but the 2 pics below have not. Nice impression of my dirty feet on those Reef flip flops, eh? And yes, each pair is in its box. I don't have pictures or papers or other junk stuffed in them. I keep the side with the style name/picture facing out so I know what's inside.

These are 'leftover' shoes that don't fit in the closet.

Next, it's kid's room. Here's another movie op. Don't ya love my whiney, Jewish Mother voice? It's how I sound all the time!

Her room still is a nightmare, but at least it's *her* nightmare.
Now, here is my nightmare: alcove in the Man Room where we house the computer and secret files. For the life of me, I cannot seem to ever organize this part of the house. I probably never will!

So that's it! Stuff Portrait Friday!