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Tuesday, June 21

Ten on Tuesday

Ten Things That Annoy You About Work

1. When I hear my co-worker on the phone saying he'll get his assistant to do something for a client. We have no assistants where I work.
2. That same co-worker yelling that he is leaving for the day or going to lunch. No one really cares.
3. When my co-worker yells that our crm database is down. We all work with the same program in my department. We know when it doesn't work. Please stop yelling about it!
4. The continuing argument with a co-worker about what is room temperature and what is not. 76 degrees is *not* room temperature and if you are still cold, put on a freakin' coat.
5. When someone decides to shake the toner cartridge in the fax machine and not clean up the desk where the fax sits. There's a reason we keep paper towels next to that machine!
6. The lunchtime cliques.
7. No matching 401k.
8. Really expensive parking.
9. When people stop talking the moment I walk into the room.
10. It's kind of boring.


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