Ce Soir ou Jamais

tonight I write...or never

Friday, May 28

Sounds of Silence

Sometimes I forget about the sound of silence. At work, there is always the tapping on keyboards, questions being asked, chuckles from stares at computer screens, phones ringing, the whir of a hard drive. It's never silent there. Then I come home to hear my daughter's incessant chatter, the cat's meow, my husband the loud talker, a tv in the background, the zipper in the dryer clanking away. When the house is occupied, it is never silent there.

During the rare times when I am alone in the house, I stop to take in the sound of silence. The sound I am hearing now- calm, reassuring, .....Quiet.


Wednesday, May 12

Darian's social calendar

My daughter's auntie called well in advance to schedule time with her favorite niece on the 22nd. This morning my daughter tells me to open her backpack so that I may read an invitation to party on the same day. I lamented, "Oh, I am sorry honey, but this is the same day that you are going to Auntie's."

My daughter says, "Uh, mommy, read the time! I have an idea: how about I go to the party *first* and *then* go to Auntie's? Sound good?" She smiles and goes back to eating breakfast. Well, gosh....She told me!

This kid has more social activity at 6 than I had while I was livin' the single life!

Dislocated what?

How cool is this? I'm getting laid off in August (not the cool part) and I learned today that I can go to school and it can be paid for by funds allocated for dislocated workers! My home owner status should not affect my chances of getting assistance since I lost my job through no fault of my own. I had no idea! And the employment agency and school that I may wish to attend are about a mile from my house! I may finally decide what I want to be when I grow up!

Tuesday, May 11

why did I not pay attention?

I think I have a mild form of ADD. I just cannot pay attention to any one thing longer than a few moments. I start one thing and it easily turns into ten more and I never accomplished the first thing. Like learning how to create this blog. I'm just kind of going with the flow right now, but I had about 10 screens of other sites with info on making blogs. What did I do? Googled bathroom fixtures, putzed around in my money file, and browsed an online photo album- not paying attention to the task at hand which is learning how this site works!

Will I ever learn? :)


Well, here I am- trying to get inspired to write something other than apology letters and what do I use for inspiration? A perfume bottle!

I think I will use this site as an outlet for all the thoughts that are going through my head, but cannot articulate through my vocal voice....

Right now I am thinking about shoes, the bug bites on my ankles, my smelly hair, my daughter asleep in bed, will there be enough coffee for me in the morning, I never took a look at my husband's edward scissorhandsy yardwork, my non existent bank account, why I can't sleep...

It's just endless......