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Tuesday, August 15

A trip to the ER and a new toy

This past weekend was action packed at Monkey Hill! First, my husband decided to surprise me with something I had been asking for before I got pregnant, but ceased to ask for these past 7 months.

"Hmm...the only thing I can think of is that set of cookware I have been coveting. Oh, if you got me saucepans I am going to kill you."

"Keep guessing..."

"Prada handbag!!!"

"Nope, I have it here at work and am playing with it."

"Volvo S80!!"

"Now how can I play with that at work?"

"Ah, you are programming the key thingy?"

"Keep guessing."

Had enough? He got me this. Complete with lessons and lenses. Like I have time for lessons right now, but still!!

Last week he tore a muscle in his calf while doing sprints at tae kwon do. Just what a 39 week pregnant wife needs...a limping husband who has to ice and elevate his strain every hour or so. I gingerly intimated that furniture still needed to be moved, put together, and other finishing touches to the house that I cannot possibly do. (I am the master at delegating and deflecting.) Saturday as he was on the complete mend and excited about his honey-do list, he changed into his leisure clothes to find his calf swollen, his foot purple.

"My God!! You have a blood clot!" I exclaimed!

After phoning the local hospital's ask a nurse, she suggested that an ER visit would be a good thing. So, to rule out the fact that my husband could have a heart attack and die at any moment because of the pool of blood lodged in his foot, and because we just love emergency rooms, we jumped in the car and speeded to the hospital. Where I am pre-registered to deliver Piper.

I am glad to report that this ER visit was painless- only four other patients who apparently did not need to be seen before my husband as they were enjoying movies playing on the 42 inch plasma screen tv's. A quick and timely staff, and a doctor who decided there was no need for bloodwork (cha-ching) or any other sort of tests (again, $$) since my husband did not fall into any risk factors for having a blood clot, we were in and out in an hour flat. Apparently, the swelling and discoloration are typical of a torn muscle; 6 days for it to show up just meant that he has slow moving blood. Or something like that. I just can't wait for the bill!!

Yesterday upon my return from work, excited to see the work that was accomplished around the house- our daughter's room was moved and our spare bedroom was carpeted- I found the husband in the garage, freaking out, getting into his car.

"I'm glad you are here! You need to drive me to the eye doctor. He's ready to see me in 10 minutes!"

What is it now?!! 7 days from my due date and he has an eye infection His eye swollen, his sinuses on overload, and feeling all over not well, he looks like the living dead as he makes his way into the doctor's office, his wife waddling far behind. After some numbing eye drops and a trip to the pharmacy (where I relaxed in a massaging chair!) he is feeling much, much better. And I can't wait for *that* doctor bill!!

I was detailing my husband's ailments to a colleague when she suggested that I need to do something extra special for him. Yeah. Hi. I'M GIVING BIRTH TO HIS CHILD.

So, 6 days and counting and I am already 50% effaced and 1cm dilated!! Oh. Boy. I can't wait for that bill!!!!


  • At 4:48 AM, Blogger Vajana said…

    six days! SIX!! Oh I'm so excited for you I could almost fall over and cause some injury to myself so that my hubbie can take me to the hospital too!

    Great gift--good man, good man.

  • At 6:04 PM, Anonymous Karyl said…

    Here's to a quick and as painfree as possible delivery!!!

    Hey, maybe your trip to the ER was a trial run for when you go into labor with Piper!


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