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tonight I write...or never

Friday, June 17

Vacation...all I ever wanted

This morning at approximately 11:30 PST begins my vacation! I know, I know...I started this new job exactly 2 months ago and already I am taking vacation. Yup, it's really rough over there at (nameless company)!

Today we are moving our offices from one neighborhood of Seattle to another. Operations are shutting down at 11 and then I am free.....

Darian has field day at school. We are supposed to bring cookies. Of course, we don't have any in the house, and I do not have the time to whip up a batch of my World Famous Chocolate Chip (c'mon! I'm online, doing laundry, and it's only 5:25 in the morning!) so Darian and I will hit the grocery store at 6:30 so she and her classmates can get their sugar high. I've never had the chance to go to field day and I am pretty excited to see what it is like. Afterward, she has got a date with Auntie to go shopping downtown. That means that Scott and I can have not so surprise sex, alone, without having to hear Darian knock on the door asking for one of us to open something for her. Yes, you all needed to know that!

Saturday we clean the house and that night run down to the airport to pick up my Mommy and Niece!!! They will be here for a fun filled week of exploration, shopping, and birthday parties!!! So, if I am not online much, it's cause freakin' *family* is monopolizing my time!

Happy Friday!


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