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Tuesday, July 5

What a relief!

You know, I just composed a couple paragraphs about how internalizing stressful situations causes me to become uptight with certain bodily functions, but out of respect for you, dear readers, I'll spare you the details of my colon and it's inability to function properly. I will say that I am so relieved to have survived three weekends in a row of entertaining and hosting family. I love my family dearly, but can't help but appreciate the fact that I have a house with only three people living inside. I am glad to report that all who have stayed at Monkey Hill this past month have enjoyed themselves immensely. At least, that's what they said as they packed their bags.

So begins a week of rest and lowkey homelife. Back to the bump and grind of regular routine.

Until next week when we take off for the land of Texas......


  • At 11:29 AM, Blogger Lora said…

    And what a relaxing time that won't be. You do keep yourself on a busy schedule.


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