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Monday, July 4

New Slang

Last night Darian waltzed into the kitchen and asked, 'What's the biggie?'. I answered her question with another question. 'Huh?'. She told me that it means, what is happening, or, what is the big deal. Big deal as in a happening. Like fireworks. Huh? It's her own slang! She made this up and assures me that it is 'from her brain', not from the Disney channel.

Start peppering your conversations with it!

"What's the biggie, J Bo?"

"Well, I spent most of yesterday cooking only to find out that half of the folks I invited over for the bbq are not coming!"

We are still going to have a nice family fourth, despite that fact that I will not have a yard full of people. We've got the bouncy house up, the neighbor kids are going to play with Darian, I will do some baking, and tonight we will have our bbq. Hopefully we will stay up this year for the fireworks! (We can see the Lake Union fireworks from our street.)

Happy 4th of July, everyone!


  • At 10:20 AM, Blogger Lora said…

    Oh have a good Fouth. A family bbq sounds like the perfect amount of fun.
    I haven't seen fireworks in ages and haven't had any luck in talking anybody into going with me.


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