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Tuesday, November 8

I'm a GENIUS!!!

When Darian gets off the school bus, which lands in front of our house, and I am not standing in the yard with the dog, waiting, yelling at her to put on her coat, she knows to run next door to the best neighbors ever as Mommy will be home momentarily. Yesterday Mommy was not in the yard, listening to the dog bark at the other mom with a dog who waits for her child, and thus Darian ran directly into our neighbor's house. Even though Daddy was home and the door was open and she could have gone into her house. But no. She wants to move in with the neighbors and this gives her yet another reason why they should adopt her.

Upon arrival at our neighbor's home, Darian was instructed to please call her Daddy to let him know where she was. She was very excited and said, "OK, BUT, first I have to show you something! It's going to make me a GENIUS and my daddy will want to order it for me and I have to show you so that I can tell him all about it!"

She pulls the scholastic books order form out of her backpack and begins to peruse the books. "I know it's here and it only costs like a dollar so Daddy will order it for me! It's how to make me a genius!" She continues to look, then spots the book, showing my neighbor. "Here! This is it! The book that will show me how to be a genius! Look- the Genius book!'

My neighbor looks at the page and smiles. "Oh, Honey. That's not what is says. This is not a book about how to be a genius; it's a book about setting records. You're looking at the *Guinness* Book of World Records. It's *Guinness*, honey."

Guinness. Genius. Coach. Couch. Darian *is* her mother's daughter.


  • At 10:24 PM, Blogger Lora said…

    She's obviously got your enthusiasm too!


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