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Friday, September 30

Stuff Portrait Friday!

This weeks's offerings are courtesy of Kristine's stepson's suggestions.

*Something in your house that isn't where it should be.

*Something you broke, but kept.

*Food that you have in your house that you never eat. (or drink)

First, I will show you the food:

Pesto in a jar. This one is just not one that I have a desire to serve on bread or pasta, but I hold onto it anyway. I know. Pesto! Everything else in the fridge and the pantry we will eat. Eventually.

Here is something that is broken, but we use still use it:

The 'entertainment center' in the playroom. The stereo is the one that I got when I was 12 years old and only one of the speakers work. You wouldn't realize the sound is only coming out of one speaker the way my daughter blasts Radio Disney and show tunes. The VCR that she has doesn't really rewind tapes anymore. But the Disney Princess DVD player is kind of new! It still works!

Now to show you what is out of place.....

The kitten wants to try out the new Toto Ultramax! Silly kitty! Toilets are for beings with opposable thumbs!

Here is one of the things in the house that is out of place and drives me nuts:

We have this game table that our Franklin Mint Monopoly Set sits upon. Ooh...you say...Franklin Mint! Anyway, my daughter and husband like to play a lot of chess so instead of putting the chess board back inside the table, it sits on top of the Monopoly set. And sitting under the chess board are two 'bathroom style' paintings which will most likely never get hung in the bathroom cause I don't like them that much anyway.

And there you have it!


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