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Wednesday, September 14

Taking a deep breath and going for it

I am not ready to exhale and probably won't until it is all said and done. Saying we wanted to take on another, but now actually about to embark on this new journey has me reaching for the Xanax and the red wine. But that does not do a body good, eh?

What has me spinning, reeling, wondering what the future is going to bring? No, I am not pregnant! Granted, what we are about to become is something of a parent. Nope, not another Pomeranian. *That* is easy.

We are about to become landlords.


Earlier today our broker e-mailed to say that we qualified for investment property. I quote, 'Anyway the fun can begin and the challenge is to find something that can pencil out with maybe a couple hundred negative knowing the value is going up or maybe you will be lucky and it will be a wash who knows??? '

Lucky? Negative Cash Flow?!! Fun??!! What *are* we in for???!!!


  • At 5:47 PM, Blogger Vajana said…

    You are going to put the F-U in FUN!!!!

    Good luck.

    And stealing it from Bucky, my password is nqagcrzr today. Fun.


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