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Monday, August 1

It's right on the tip of my tongue

I am so horrible with names. I try to remember who people are talking about, but I just can't seem to associate the face with the name. Or vice versa. I can remember things that happened in their lives, what kind of car they drive, their neighborhood, their *shoes*, but always forget the name. I will see someone I used to work with, say Hello, make small talk, then remember their name an hour later when I ordering dinner. (Oh, his name was *Vincent*!)

Tonight my friend Michele and I were talking about my co-worker's wife, whom she knows. We kept trying to think of her name, but it just wasn't coming to either of us. (She and I grew up together, so this is something of a 'local' thing with us.)

We were snacking on Wasabi Party Mix saying names back and forth:

"No, Petunia."
"I've never met a Petunia."
"Neither have I. It's Amanda."
"No, Samantha."
"Nah, not quite...it's got a t and a p in it.."
We both crack up, spitting wasabi rice crackers everywhere.
"What kind of name is that?"
"It's a city somewhere."
"Oh, I got it...Sidhartha!"
"No, but it is sing songy like that."
"God, I love this snack mix!"
"Me, too. I also forget to pick this stuff up when I am at PCC."
"Yeah. God damn it!! What is her name?!! This is driving me nuts."

We part our ways, I take the snack mix and turn up the Coldplay in my car. Thinking aloud:
"Not Samantha. Not Patricia. It's some name like that. Oh! Pygmalion! Guh! Who is named Pygmalion?!"
thinking and driving...thinking and driving....

Her name is Tanya. *Tanya*. The only Tanya either of us has ever known.

I think.


  • At 7:28 PM, Anonymous tanya said…

    Hello! Randomly came across your blog tonight (found it linked on blackcurrantjam.blogspot, which I THINK i linked to from micheleagnew.com, but you never know).

    I also have a horrible time with names...and incidentally, my name is tanya.

    Just thought I'd say hi! :)


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