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Saturday, July 30

The cooking meme

I was tagged by Lora!

What is your first memory of baking/cooking on your own? I never knew what actual cooking was until I met my husband. Before that, I ate out- a lot- and I ate a lot of frozen dinners. When Sexy Husband and I first dated, I was invited to his family's house for Christmas dinner and decided that I would bring a dish. His family is definitely not a potluck family but I wanted to make an impression with a tasty offering. I made a baked ziti and to everyone's surprise- no one got sick! That was in 1993 and since then, I have been preparing home made dishes, but still eating out a lot.

Who had the most influence on your cooking? I had no clue about fine cooking or preparing anything creative -(that did not involve the staples of pasta, sauce, cheese, and chicken) until I met Kathy. She and her husband are definite foodies. After spending 3 days a week in their kitchen for over a year, I learned so much about kitchen tools, food preparation, and appreciation of a good meal. From them I gleaned the love of the Kitchenaid mixer, Global knives, William Sonoma, Metropolitan Market, Whole Foods, and a silent Bosch dishwasher. (OK, I don't have a Bosch, but the the same price my dishwasher is just as quiet. Well, not *that* quiet, but still.)

Do you have an old photo as “evidence of an early exposure to the culinary world and would you like to share it?
No photographic evidence!

Mageiricophobia do you suffer from any cooking phobia, a dish that makes your palms sweat? I don't cook anything that I don't want to, but I will say that baking is not my forte. Oh, I do make my World Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies as well as Strawberry Coconut Cheesecake, but that's about all the sweets I do. I am not big on pie making and dough rolling. I am not a strong baker.

What would be your most valued or used kitchen gadgets and/or what was the biggest letdown? The gadgets I use the most that I consider most valuable would be my set of Global knives. The handles are hollow so they are easy to hold onto for lengthy amounts of time where I am doing a lot of chopping. Using the correct knive for the purpose, the cut is clean and quick and the blades are so razor sharp. And, they have a beautiful design. I get a lot of compliments on the stainless steel block that sits on the counter.
The biggest gadget letdown would be the Egg-stractor. As seen on TV! I make a lot of deviled eggs during the summer- a variety of recipes thanks to Martha!- and so my husband thought that for ease of peeling, he would order this thing off TV. Sorry, honey, but it is a piece of crap that took away more time than it was supposed to save. Lame piece of plastic, in my opinion. But, it did come with a recipe book that told me how to boil an egg! That part is the keeper.

Name some funny or weird food combinations/dishes you really like and probably no one else! I have a pretty common palate which may border on refined, but nothing too weird. I do like the occasional peanut butter on a blueberry waffle. Oh! I just was thinking about the deviled eggs and I make a curry one. The thought of curry and eggs initially made my stomach turn, but with the hundreds of times I have made this simple picnic fare, they have turned out to be my favorite.

What are the three eatables or dishes you simply don'’t want to live without?
That would have to be coffee, organic chicken, and good varieties of cheese.

Any question you missed in this meme, that you would have loved to answer? Well then, feel free to add one! What is your most memorable kitchen mishap?
That would have to be when I decided that my dutch friend needed to try the truly American dish of a tuna melt. I was in Amsterdam at the time and if you have ever been to Amsterdam you know what is available at every coffee shop. What is not available is tuna and cheddar cheese, let alone regular old Best Foods mayonnaise. That said, I visited a coffee shop, indulged in a little bit of this and that, then went on a quest for tuna, cheese, and mayo. After locating said ingredients, albeit very expensive ones, I ended up not feeling so well, practically passing out, and leaving the 'cooking' to my husband while my friend looked on bewildered. Now, close to 10 years later, I still get made fun of by my husband and he is sure to bring it up everytime our friend comes to the states to visit us.

Three quickies:
Your favorite ice-cream… Right now it is coconut sorbet
You will probably never eat… liver, lamb, and oreo cookies
Your own signature dish… My husband would say that it is Boursin mashed potatoes, and my daughter would say that it is my lasagne.

As for tagging... I am so not good at this! If you wish to try it, leave me a comment that you have the cooking meme on your blog! I would love to hear all of your cooking adventures.


  • At 2:33 PM, Blogger Lora said…

    This makes me wonder what you indulging in at the coffee shop...

    I love to bake. Unfortunately, I also love to taste my wares.

  • At 8:22 AM, Blogger Liz said…

    I found you through Bearette24. I love to cook so I will post the cooking meme on my blog tomorrow.

    Happy cooking!


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