Ce Soir ou Jamais

tonight I write...or never

Friday, July 22

Haiku Friday

My girlfriends and I
used to write every Friday
in the haiku form.

I thought to bring it
back and share with the world wide
internets today.

What do you think, friend?
Can you comment in this form?
I think it is so cool!

Remember the form:
5-7-5 and don't try
thinking too hard, 'k?!


  • At 12:57 PM, Blogger that girl said…

    I, too- like haiku
    it jogs my brain just enough
    and I blog it too.

    when my day is still
    there is not too much to say
    but few chosen words

  • At 7:53 PM, Blogger Vajana said…

    I spent all weekend
    chipping tiles off in the bath
    no time for blogging

    I have to catch up
    and comment on your new posts
    guess the tile can wait


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