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Monday, July 11

You like me...you really, really like me!

I just want to say Thank You to everyone who has stopped by my blog this past week. I have had close to 60 new visitors in the past four days- in part due to SPF- and while half of you just looked at the photos, the rest of you bothered to read what I have to say- some even commented!

I started this blog over a year ago and did not share it, nor made it public until a few months ago. Initially, it was going to be an outlet to get some creative writing in. I wrote a few posts, then put the blog back on the shelf and went on with my day to day life. Then I felt the need to share some random bits from my life- my dog being an initial source for many posts. Granted, I choose not to comment on world events- news worthy, political, etc.- nor do I attempt to poke fun at anyone other than myself. So, yes, much of what I have to say can be dull and lackluster. But I know that it makes you smile, and I know that most of you can relate. ( I feel the warmth through the stat counter. Really. I do.)

So, here's to you dear reader. Thank you for taking a look into my life and for the time you took to visit me. Please be sure to come back again soon!


  • At 12:21 AM, Blogger Lora said…

    Are you sure your not an ENFJ?

    Don't worry I'm be back.
    Have you checked out Michele
    She spreads a lot of comment cheer and I've found some very good sites that way.

  • At 5:59 AM, Blogger J Bo said…

    I don't know!

    Who is this Michele? I have read many comments over the past few months that say 'Michele sent me'.

  • At 11:02 PM, Blogger Lora said…

    I linked in the message. Go check her out. Trust me, I know you'll love her site.


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