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Monday, July 11

I know you shouldn't talk about your job on your blog....

But I really, really want to. I'll make it quick as I have a coworker who reads this blog and I don't want it getting around the office. Someone almost caught this person sneaking in a peek of my SPF offering and I was almost found out. This person would never tell, cause we share a lot of the same feelings about our position, but still. I certainly don't want us getting dooced for it!

OK, so.....you know what? I can't do it. I already gave you too much with the Ten on Tuesday things that annoy you about work post. I have my karma to think about.

No more work talk. I'll talk about my dog!

He's going to Texas with me this weekend! And to prepare for the sweltering heat- c'mon, I live in Seattle where 80 degrees is considered crotch pot cookin'!- he is going to the groomers for his first ever real summer clipping. Of course, I have only owned him for 7 months, so there has been no reason for a fur cut, but boy will he be in for a shock come this Wednesday! I think I have mentioned that he is kind of a freak and a half. Yes? Yeah, well, he is really hooked on me and is deathly afraid of just about anyone else. Initially, he had a bad habit of crapping on or near me when someone tried to pet him. Have I mentioned lately that he is damn cute, too?

I've requested the Teddy Bear a la Mr. Winkles and hope the groomer can deliver. My pet carrier can barely fit all of his fur as it is. Check back Wednesday night when I post his new do!


  • At 12:31 AM, Blogger Lora said…

    Now you've gone and gotten me all curious, however, I'm stopping myself from asking spefic questions based on information from our conversation.

    I avoided that Ten on Tuesday for the same reason. They all know I have a blog, but they don't care and I only talk around it not about it. I've actually gone back and edited old posts that were a little to on the edge.

    BTW, what's SPF?

  • At 5:56 AM, Blogger J Bo said…

    Not like it is top secret where I work or what I do-I'm in cubeland- but I'm just not up for sharing too much about the blah blah blahs that happen in the office. And blahring it is.

    The only post I have ever really edited, aside from fixing a spelling mistake or too, is one where I complained about the mothers at my daughter's school parking in the handicapped space. I believe that I identified her car, then realized that that may not be so cool, unless she is that driver Janine, so I took out her car type. Plus she is a friend and I do not want to say mean things about my friends here! I say it to their faces!

    Stuff Portrait Friday!!


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