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Wednesday, May 18

And the list goes on....

My husband hates my honey-do lists, so I have stopped leaving them. Actually, I've given up on leaving lists around the house, on scraps of paper and post its. But I haven't stopped making lists.

A couple months ago, I discovered this list site. I must admit, I haven't even come close to listing 43 things and I rack my brain trying to come up with things I wish to accomplish ( I really enjoy the 'I've done this!' part of the site, though!)

Last week, my friend sent me a link to 5ives. This site had me giggling at my desk at work and really sets me off task. If you start reading his lists, you may not return to me. :)
Speaking of tasks, I use this CRM site at work to keep track of my day. Sad, yes, I will log in before I step into the office so I know what I have to do that day.

And today, I was perusing blogs, when I discovered Ten on Tuesday- a random topic where you list 10 things. I like the idea of this type of list a lot more than my work task list and wishing lists! Technically it's not Tuesday, but I am going to do this week's topic a day late. (I don't think I am supposed to expand on my list- it only asks for what not why- but I like explaining things.)

10 Brand Names You Can't Live Without:
1-Honda Civic (it's the car I bought after gas prices went up, and believe me, I am saving a ton on gas!)
2- Lancome Primordial lotion (this is some sort of magic moisturizer-I have no fine lines and I look refreshed moments after my skin drinks it in- and it has an SPF!)
3- Seasonal birth control ( yes, I was on depo for years, but this is one pill I don't mind taking. And I only get my period once a season!)
4- Tillamook cheddar cheese (cheese is the stuff that binds and my family cannot go without having a hunk of it in the fridge at all times)
5-Costco brand cat food (the only food my cats will eat! and the dog loves it, too!)
6- Nordstrom-online, in store, and the Rack (a girl love shoes and this is the place to get the best)
7-Microsoft Money (I learned how to balance my checkbook with this program and use it just about daily!)
8- Viva Glam lipstick by MAC (when all else fails, I grab my standby shade of red for a fabulous look)
9- Goody hair bands (they are the only brand who makes a band thick enough for all my hair!)
10-North DECI4200 disposable earplugs (I never have to listen to my husband's snores again!)

So, on Tuesdays, watch out for a list from me. And you don't have to do anything but read!


  • At 1:02 AM, Blogger Lora said…

    #9 It sounds like you have exactly the opposite problem from mine. My hair is thin and very fine.

    I was thinking that you may have you blogger settings put as a private blog. That would explain why your blog wasn't listed on your profile.

  • At 5:40 AM, Blogger J Bo said…

    My daughter has very thin, fine hair. Bands literally slip right off her head!

    You are so right about the settings! I never would have thought that! I will fix it later.
    Thank you!


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