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Wednesday, April 27

Your dog does what?

Being back at work for just over a week now, I get to wear some of my most attractive pieces of footwear. And since it is spring, I can get the most out of my collection of open-toed heels. I'm becoming known in my office for my selection in shoes and have received many a compliment for my feet's accessories! I enjoy my footwear and could bore you to tears talking about my passion for an eclectic mix of styles and brands. Heck, you yawned at the first sentence of this post! So, dear friend, I will get to the point:

Ellie pees on my feet. That's right- he suffers from Happy Pee.

Having not set eyes on the girl he most adores for close to 12 hours each day, Ellie becomes quite animated the moment I step my stylish foot in the door. Jumping up and down and barking for joy, he will not allow me to remove my shoes first thing. He's a Pomeranian, for goodness sake, and he comes first! And if any of you have ever known a Pom, you know how excitable they can be. To put it mildly. Ellie becomes *so* excited that if he wore jeans, he would literally pee his pants the second he comes in contact with me. I didn't learn this until last Thursday.

I was outfitted in my fuschia suede thong sandals embellished with crystals- an incredible find at a sample sale!- when Ellie came running toward me, hopping up and down on his hind legs, scratching my legs while waiting for me, in turn, to scratch his ears. I was just about to kick off my heels, instead about to kick Ellie in the gut, when the happy pee came dripping onto the strap of my sandal.

I screamed, I yelled, I ewwww-ed, I cried! The frickin dog peed on my foot! And not just any foot. He peed on the foot that was wearing my crystal and suede shoes! How could the dog do this to me? Does he not realize How. Much. I. Love. Shoes.???

Heck No! He's a Dog, for cripe's sake!

From this taxing episode- (I was so traumatized by this that the memory is in slow motion. Really!)- I have learned to remove my shoes *before* stepping foot in the door. Had I not done so on Monday, my Cole Haan brocade pumps (remember those?) would be toast.


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