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Friday, April 29

Another quiz

You know I am hooked, so here is another one:
(Note that the photo highly resembles me!)
You are a Princess, accustomed to only the
best. Elegant and poised, you believe in High
Standards, and like your standards to be met.
You are gracious and kind, to those you find
deserving; but woe betide anyone who does not
meet your standards, you would dismiss them
with a casual wave of your hand. Not only do
you set high standards for others, you set them
for yourself also, and sometimes find yourself
struggling to meet them. .Most of your life you
have gained what you wanted, probably an only
or youngest child, you put you first! However,
saying that, you are not entirely self-centred,
only you have learnt to put yourself first.
When moved, you are capable of empathy and
kindness, and would willingly do your best to
help others; but your life so far has taught
you, that you must come first. You are also
well learned.

At your best, you are kind,
gracious, noble and focused; at your worst you
are selfish, dismissive and stubborn. If you
don't agree with something, you would nod your
head graciously, and refuse to be swayed.

are special, and everyone should know that.

Are you a Princess, Enchantress, Faerie, Mermaid or Toad? (with pictures!)
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