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Thursday, April 21

Judge not, lest ye be judged

Can I just take a moment to rant, not at length mind you since I do have to go to bed. But I must get this off my mind.

Tonight I was praising my neighbors for the way they are bringing up their kids, and I get chastised by other moms for *not* judging them. Give me a flipping break. The woman who I was talking to inferred that I need to get over it when I said that I was having trouble getting my daughter to eat the well balanced meals I prepare. She said this as she was eating M*M's.

Why do the mothers of my daughter's peers have to act like this? Why can they not respect the fact that each of us chooses to raise our children the way we see fit? C'mon! To basically put me down for wanting to ensure my child eats healthfully and builds friendships with children of caring, involved parents is frightening to me. What kind of example are these moms setting for their daughters? I did stand up for myself, and my neighbors, but was quite shocked and dismayed that I even had to.

I was at Girl Scouts, for crying out loud!


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