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Saturday, May 14

Oh Sh*t!

I live in a house that was built in 1948. For Seattle, it's kind of an old house. When we purchased it 2 years ago, we remodeled the areas necessary to make it liveable. While we did aquire all new plumbing in the upstairs bathroom, we didn't have the funds to purchase this gem of a toilet. (And as I learned, plumbing and fixtures are 2 different things!!)

From time to time, we pay the price. Take this morning, for example: having only one toilet and 3 people who wake and need bladder relief at the same time, we tend to forget how long it takes for the tank to refill. Sleepily flushing while the tank is still filling generally causes the dreaded overflow.

And if you are emptying more than just your bladder, the overflow can be absolutely mortifying.

I will spare you the details, but our leisurely Saturday has started off with expelatives screamed, a mop, and a big bucket of bleach. A big shout out to my husband who took on cleanup. For that, I am personally purchasing him the pressurized toilet of his dreams for his birthday this year.


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