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Saturday, March 26

The voices in my head

For the past couple of weeks, I have been hearing strange voices talking to me around the same time every morning. At first, I thought there were people outside walking toward the bus stop located 2 blocks from my home. Looking out the window, I would find no one. I would sleepily ask my husband if he heard anyone talking.

"Listen, " I would say, " closely. The voices sound a bit muffled like there is someone outside, or hidden in the basement."

"No, honey. I don't hear a thing, " Scott would mutter as he rolled over.

"You're not listening hard enough. Stop snoring and listen."

But then all I would hear were the snores of Scott.

I started to get scared. I mean, why am I only hearing these voices? One morning it sounded as if I was eavesdropping on the play by play of a ball game. Why me? Why can I only hear this? Sure, I have had my share of emotional traumas, but to start hearing voices? A psyche ward is not the place I want to be right now!

Thursday was a bad morning. I heard the voices again and this time they were louder. They're coming to get me, I thought! I am being consumed by the voices in my head! Trembling, I reached over to Scott and pleaded with him to listen for these voices. First he said he could not hear anything. Then he got out of bed and climbed over to my side.

He heard the voices, too!! Giggling, but not too hard as to make me feel inferior, he said, "Honey, you are hearing the sounds of your alarm clock set to talk radio. You don't notice that it goes off since you have all these books piled in front of it."

Oh, Hallelujah!!! I am not crazy! I'm just clueless!


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