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Thursday, March 10

Pet Peeves

I concede that I am a very petulant person. I find things bothersome that most others would not. Take, for instance, the use of the word 'regards'. I cannot *stand* to hear someone say, 'I'm calling in regards to..' or reading a letter that states, 'We are writing in regards to your...'. It's REGARD, regard, regard, regard, regard. Regard, if you will, the meaning, and learn the proper way to use the word, people!!

Grammar aside, my other big peeve is where people choose to park. I live on a quiet road with a double driveway and plenty of on-street parking. That means that people can park either next to my car in the driveway, or in front of my house on the street. Why, oh why, do people choose to park behind my car, blocking the sidewalk? It happened just the other day, and my friend was quite shocked when I asked her to get back in her car and move it off the sidewalk!! In more crowded neighborhoods, tickets are issued for sidewalk blocking. Common sense, people!

Now, let me tell you about the disabled space at my daughter's school: It's not for mothers in a rush and therefore feel they can park whereever they wish. Got it? This morning, for example, I was in the line to drop off my daughter, when one of those rushing moms decided to forgo the line, and the 3 other empty spaces in the lot, to park in the disabled space. Fellow Mom, do you feel that you are above the law; the reason you must park in that space is for convenience? That's not the intention of the large blue disabled painting!! I know you can read!

People seem to think that the rules of common sense, grammar, (not to mention the law) need not apply to them. That, my friends, is what boils down to my biggest of peeves.

Thank you very much.


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