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Sunday, February 27

The perfect night

Last night instead of going shopping for new clothes for my growing girl, and having guys over to play Xbox, our family decided to go to dinner at Jak's. We deserved a nice meal out since I have made it though my first 3 weeks at my new place of employment.

The evening started out perfectly with us getting parking right in front of the restaurant and being seated immediately. (Generally, there is a 45min wait for a table on a Saturday evening.) The turf special was my all time favorite- new york cut served on skewers drizzled with a gorgonzola bechamel. *YUM*. Scott ordered his usual ribeye, and though it is not on the menu- Jak's does not have kids' fare- our waitress Heather was happy to have a grilled cheese and fries made up for Darian. With our drinks in hand- me, the red wine; Scott, the whisky; and Darian, the shirley temple- we toasted to a great family night!

Dinner was lovely. Our meats were cooked to perfection and Darian's cheese on sourdough melted like ice cream in her mouth. It had been some time- over 2 months- since I had enjoyed a glass of red wine, the flavors complementing the meat and cheese, I decided to have another glass. Why not? We were celebrating!

After the check was paid and the decision made to watch Harry Potter 3 at home, we left the restaurant arm in arm. Darian professed her love to us, stating we were the perfect parents. In the back of my mind I thought, 'She really is trying to work a dessert out of us!' Instead, through osmosis, she caught the feeling that mommy gets after she has had a couple glasses of wine. At least, that is what Scott and I thought since she was so love-ey; more so than usual.

On the drive home she asked me to tell her how I knew Daddy had a good heart. I let her know that the moment I saw how well he treated his mother and his brother Jim, I knew he was a good man. This is how the rest of the conversation went:

Darian suddenly cried out, 'I'm crying happy tears! That is so pretty! Mommy, you know what? When you drink wine you look so pretty!'
Scott and I chuckled and I questioned, 'Do you mean that I *act* so pretty after I had a glass of wine?' (The day had been a stressful one and once I had a couple sips of red, I was very mellowed out!)
She answered, 'No, you look so pretty. When you drink wine, you look like a little girl who has been dancing in a bed of flowers.'

And then I started to cry happy tears. What a lovely thing for a daughter to say to her mother. Sure, she's talking about her mom's drinking and while she may be in therapy over it when she is an adult, I hope she revels in the fact that as a child, she thought her mother was perfect.


  • At 8:49 PM, Blogger Kristina said…

    *giggle* Great story, Janet. I think it's almost time for Darian to have her own creative blog. :) And congrats on your three-week anniversary. I'm very glad you found a place that fits so well.


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