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Monday, March 14

Darian's Power Point assignment

Darian came home today with a print out of her Power Point assignment that she did last month for Black History Month. I wish I had the photos to share; I hope you can imagine the images with the text:

Freedom March
by: Darian

* Hi, my name is Kitten and I am a black person. The bus was fun and great. There were 40 busses by my bus! I was happy to see Dr. King speak!

* I was marching and my sign said FREEDOM! I got to say, 'Give Black people freedom!' There were over 200 people in the march. I had a fun time in the march.

* Dr. King is speaking now! He said, we black people need our rights. He said, I have a dream. He said, my 4 kids will join hands with white girls and boys. He is fighting for freedom. He is happy.

* The people were saying, 'Go Dr. King!' I was sitting by a tree. I had a great lunch by the reflecting pool while I heard Dr. King. I got to shake Dr. King's hand.

* We all left for home. I had a good time marching. I hope freedom comes. Bye for now. At home we will work to help Dr. King's dream come true.

How cool is that?


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