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Thursday, March 24

Captain Underpants

In a word, my dog is weird. First of all, he has severe separation anxiety and wants to be with only me. He growls at my husband whenever we are talking and barks incessantly at him every time he walks in the door. I am not sure why he does not trust my husband, who grew up with this breed of dog and knows far more about dogs and raising them than I ever could, but he does. Our dog is a Pomeranian.

We adopted Ellie (Elrond, the Elf King) exactly 3 months ago. Just in this past month, he has taken to messing around in the dirty clothes baskets and pulling out underpants. He especially loves my daughter's. When he first discovered underpants, both my daughter and I were sleeping, while Scott was at work. When Scott came home late that night, he was surprised to find several pair of underpants- and a bra- in front of the fireplace. He also found a pair or two at the bottom of the stairs to the basement. My husband wondered what kind of party Darian and I had the night before. :)

Ellie is quite content to grab a dirty pair of underpants, lay them in front of the fireplace, then sit upon them to chew on a bone. One time, he grabbed Darian's underpants from her as she was stepping out of them. A chase ensued and Ellie put up a good fight before relinquishing the underpants.

He ended up choosing socks to lay on that evening.


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