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Monday, March 7

i <3 wilsons

Have I ever told you about our neighbors? In a word, they are perfect. They radiate perfection. From their house: a big white farmhouse with a sprawling yard complete with gazebo, pond, and playstructure (in the city!); to their children aged 8 and 12 who scream Good Manners. They play well with our daughter; even play XBox with Scott, and let him win! When we first moved into the neighborhood, they decorated our driveway with a huge chalk mural welcoming us to the neighborhood!

Last night we hosted them for dinner; something we do not do often enough. Sure, our kids will be in each other's home for snacks or lunch, but a sit down dinner is a big deal over here at Monkey Hill! They were, naturally, gracious guests bringing a loaf of the best bread ever- rosemary- and a bouquet of gorgeous white tulips. We enjoyed wine while the children played, even giving us a preview of their upcoming piano concert. (We have a lovely petite baby grand piano sitting in our living room, and every time the Wilson kids come over, they go right to the piano to play. I *love* that!) We enjoyed my world famous lasagne for dinner and had bubbly conversation about neighborhood haps and peeps, school schtuff, and even car insurance! (I just wanted to make an omelet!) Desert was girl scout cookies, natch, and the kids ran off their sugar buzzes downstairs so that the grownups could finish conversation.

It was a lovely evening, to say the least, and I really hope to do it again. A sit down dinner with good friends should not be a rare thing, especially with fantastic neighbors like the Wilsons.


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