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Tuesday, August 9

Poo Papty

This past Saturday was one of those 'best days ever' days. It started out by sleeping in until *9:30* that morning and being lazy as all that was on the agenda for the day was a pool party. Our first pool party and with the bestest neighbors in the whole wide world.

Arriving in the afternoon at the bestest neighbors in the whole wide world's grandparent's house, one of the children pointed out the the L had fallen off the sign that hung over the cabana. I had not come to a pool party, I was attending a Poo Party. Oh, joy. With all the crap that I had been through lately with my dog, no pun intended, would my day be foreshadowed by the word Poo hanging above my head? Later that afternoon while lounging in the waters of the pool, my neighbor then noticed that the R was not complete- it was a P. Upon further examination, the sign had been constructed poorly and P was part of the manufacturing. We were at a Poo

After spending most of the day in Oma and Opop's pool and impressing my family and friends with perfectly straight and sustained underwater handstands, it was time to run home and check on the dog. (I had made sure that all the rooms with doors were closed and that all blouses were in their proper places.) He was welcome to return with me as they have a dog friendly home/pool. (Earlier the bassett hound sat on a pool chaise and was led around the deep end by her master.)

Still wrapped in my towel, suit and ponytail dripping, the dog got a quick walk then a ride in the car. It was late- well after 9pm, and it was dark. I wondered what he was thinking as I was rushing him. We arrived back at the grandparents in record time, the dog shaking in anticipation of what was in the big white house. Making our way to the backyard, he was suprised to hear his family, and the neighbors, laughing and splashing in some sort of pond. You know by the look on his face that he was scared; my fear that he would poop all over the backyard.

I layed down my towel and made my way into the pool, never losing site of Ellie whose eyes were still confused at the whole scene. The kids had a game of shallow end baseball going, so I found my comfort spot in the deep end where Ellie found his comfort spot on the sidelines, hiding behind the grill. I played outfield, enjoying the warmth of the heated pool, the stars above me, and my child having the time of her life with her dear friends. Oma brought out snacks and in attendance appeared the home's dachsund and the visiting bassett hound. Ellie knows the bassett hound well- they basically leave each other alone, but the dachsund was a different story. Once he got a whiff of my dog in the other corner of the yard, he rushed over to see who this new visitor was. The other side of Ellie, the bassett hound appeared. Ellie frightended, with no where to run but ahead ran straight into the pool, dog paddling toward me. As I swam toward him, I swear that the Chariots of Fire music began to play as it was all so surreal and in slow motion. That ended my time of relaxation under the stars, in the warmth of the heated pool, surrounded by good friends and the laughter of our children. It was getting late, almost 11pm, and we all could use a good night's sleep.

I am so thankful there was no poo at all to be at the papty.


  • At 1:48 PM, Blogger SoozieQ said…

    How cool! I too could hear the Chariot of Fire song playing as you two swam towards each other.

    And yes, no poo is a good party...especially NO POO in the POOL! Ewww.


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