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Thursday, May 19

On my honor, I will try....

Tonight I sit in the parking lot of the church wondering why Darian and I are the only ones present for the 6:30 meeting. After sitting in the car for 10 minutes, I call one leader. No answer. I call another leader. "Oh, yeah, we leaders have been so busy with our lives that we decided to cancel the meeting tonight since we are all going camping tomorrow. We told Darian at the last meeting. We didn't even think to send an e-mail since we told all the girls at the last meeting"

OK, at the last meeting, you handed me a potted plant and said see you in 2 weeks. Nothing about a cancellation. Then you e-mail me about some patch requirements and I reply back saying I will see you THIS THURSDAY! Another leader sends an e-mail reminder requiring a read receipt for tomorrow's camping trip. I reply back saying see you THIS THURSDAY and no one, NO ONE can reply back and tell me the meeting for THIS THURSDAY has been cancelled?! Can we please have some consistency and follow through? This is the second time this season you have cancelled a meeting and/or event and failed to communicate it with the rest of the troop. Wait, you do tell the others since they live in your neighborhood, go to your kids school and, see you at the Y. Darian and I do not live in your end of west seattle, go to the Y, or attend your school. You, as a leader, should realize this and keep the lines of communication open. You certainly remind me when Darian is behind on her dues!

Darian has been with these girls for 3 years and sadly, not one of them is her real friend outside of the every other week meetings. No one has ever come over for a play date, asked for a play date, or actively seeked out our friendship. I've offered my home for meetings, cookie storage, and parties and have always been politely turned down. I've decided that next season, we are switching troops.


  • At 10:44 AM, Blogger Lora said…

    Sounds like a good solution, what a cliquish bunch. Why is she in a troop so far away from your home?

  • At 10:50 AM, Blogger J Bo said…

    Good question. 3 years ago, a bunch of moms from all neighborhoods in the greater west seattle neighborhood got together to form a troop. We were the only ones from south west seattle. It's really not that far from our house- about 3.5 miles.

    Just picked up Darian from a camping expedition with her troop. And I made sure that I circled up with the other moms to learn that the next meeting is cancelled!


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