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Sunday, May 22

Curl up and dye

Darian has been asking for pink hair since she was 6. Now that she is almost 8 (7 &11/12 to be exact!) I said, eh, why not? Let's get some pink hair. So last week we went to a punk rock salon where she got a cut and color. No, not all of her hair is Cupcake Pink- she simply wanted stripes so as not to look like a *complete* freak.

And isn't she sweet? She blends right into this secret garden we discovered!

Now, I have gotten a few "You let your seven year old her dye her hair?!" comments and my response has been, "Of course! It's only hair! I've been begging her to get a tattoo with me and this is the closest she will come to changing her appearance."

C'mon people- it's only hair! And, she has no desire to get a tattoo. Yet.


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