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Sunday, May 22

Gettin' my culture, whether I like it or not

Scott and I had an experience in Venice that we still talk about today. While out dining, we overheard another group of Americans talking about their travels. My mother-in-law asked if they were from Texas (where she grew up and the majority of Scott's family lives) since their accents were so strong. We learned they were from Alabama and they just got in from Florence. I will never forget what one lady said to us about Florence:

In thick southern drawl "You know, they give you culture there whether you like it or not!"

That said, every year when it's subscription time (Opera, Broadway at the Paramount, 5th Avenue Theater, Seattle Children's theater), we peruse the flyers and mutter in our southern drawls how we are going to get culture. Whether we like it or not!

Check out the 2005-2006 subscriber series. I am excited for each one!


Unfortunately, I'm not Mrs. Moneybags and don't have an extra $1500 or so sitting around to get season tickets to all my favorite places. But, I will most certainly get tix to see Annie, Wicked, and the Wedding Singer. And of course, Darian and I will do a season at the SCT.

What are some cultural experiences that you are looking forward to?


  • At 11:40 PM, Blogger Lora said…

    I'm also not Miss Money-Bags and with my current job situation I work a lot in the evenings. I'm not an opera fan, but I love to go to the theatre and seeing good films. I really like to go gallery and museum hopping. We also get lots of interesting speakers in town due to UT.

    BTW: I've tagged you with a meme, if you don't want to do it let me know.


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