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Saturday, May 21

Seen, heard, said

Last night at the opera, the row behind me, second intermission. 3 elderly ladies chat about their lives:

"I think I'm getting Alzheimer's. I just can't remember anything of late. I got these drops from the doctor and put one in when I was in the car. And then when it was time to take another, I couldn't find them. I searched, and searched, and do you know where I found them? Back in the box, in the Bartells bag, in the trash! Why would I throw them away? I hope it's not Alzheimer's."

"Oh, Betty, you know what it is? It's your mind going so fast. You are thinking so much that you can't possibly catch up with what is going on in your mind!"

"Is that what it is, Maryann?" chimes in the third, who did more listening than talking.

"Of course it is- you just think so fast and then you can't catch up. Oh, Betty, you have such the prettiest dainty hands. Mine are old and vainy."

"Well, I use that tanning creme so I don't look sick."

"Oh, do I look sick? My hands are just so old and vainy."

"No, you don't look sick. You have nice hands. Did you hear what happened about that finger found in the chili? There's going to be a lawsuit."

"Oh, you just can't listen to anything on the TV anymore. I just don't listen anymore. It's all trash."

"Well, that Rick Steves has a nice show."

"You know, he goes to my niece's church!"

"Rick Steves is Jewish!"

"No he's not, Betty, he goes to my niece's church!"

"Oh, on his show you get to see such nice places like Switzerland and Bavaria."

"I just don't listen to TV anymore. I hope it's not Alzheimers."


  • At 9:06 AM, Blogger Lora said…

    At least this discussion was happening during intermission and not during the show.

  • At 11:39 AM, Blogger J Bo said…

    Oh, but they did talk during the opera! A few words here and there, like thinking outloud. Nothing as hilarious as their intermission conversation, though.


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