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Wednesday, December 7

Ten on Tuesday this Wednesday

It's been awhile, but I thought this one would be fun. Plus, I need to tell you about this biggest source of contention here at Monkey Hill.

10 Household Chores You Hate

1. Yard Work. Never been one to tool around in the garden, rake leaves, or even mow the lawn. I did try it once, but I did not get the lines correct, so I leave it to my husband.
2. Sweeping under my daughter's bed. It's pretty scary what one can find under there.
3. The litter pan. I've given that task to my daughter.
4. Cleaning up after dog accidents.
5. The after vacuum filter clean out.
6. Let's see what's inside this old container in the fridge.
7. Organizing the mail. I have piles and more piles of papers that need to be filed. At least I do recycle the junk mail first thing and don't let that get out of hand. I know how worried you are about that.
8. Dusting the computer. Mine's frightfully dirty.
9. Cleaning the toilets.

And last, but not least:

10. Building fires in the winter. I refuse to become a member of Pioneer House. I simply flick on the heat. (This one is a sore subject between me and sexy husband who spends all his free time in the summers chopping wood and piling wood and chopping and piling and chopping and piling and covering a quarter of our property with piles and piles of wood. But then again, I have all those mail piles.) Just because we have two fireplaces- one with a wood burning stove insert- that heat the house more effectively and efficiently than the ol' furnace doesn't mean I actually have to partake in the woodburning madness. You can just hear the arguments blazing over here at Monkey Hill on a cold winter's night...after sexy husband has had his vasectomy and can't lift a thing. And me, the lazy wife, who refuses to touch the wood- double entendre!- for fear of breaking a nail..."Build a fire! Darian knows how to do it, why can't you? Do you know how much oil costs when we have chords of *free* firewood sitting outside for you to burn?" "Well, get Darian to build the fire!" "Oh, she is at the neighbors." 4 days post vasectomy, sexy husband is able to lift wood- there it is again (!), warm his home, and not have to listen to me complain about how cold it is in here.


  • At 6:44 PM, Blogger Amy said…

    oh the dreaded vacuum clean out depresses me to no end.

    And my computer is frightfully dirty, too. One time I spilt some Baileys Irish Cream between the keys and it is still in there.


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