Ce Soir ou Jamais

tonight I write...or never

Friday, December 2

Arrested Testicles

*5 movie rentals providing over 10 hours of entertainment....$21.63

*Take away dinner from Jak's Grill....$50.00

*Prescription for Tylenol-3....$1.16

*No longer swimming in the reproductive pool....PRICELESS

Sexy husband is resting well, bag of ice affixed to crotch, and belly full from a mouthwatering steak. His only comment on the whole experience: he felt robbed in the drugs department. He thought, at least, he would get to be knocked out and enjoy a brief and legal narcotic high. Instead a local was given and he had a nice conversation with the doctor about their college days.

Our daughter knows that Daddy's nuts are numb, his plums have paused, his balls aren't bouncing. She has decided that she has enough of the potty talk and ventured to our neighbor's house, but before she did so, she was sure to provide me with a few words about Daddy's after surgery care:

Don't let the cats jump on his lap! They have claws!


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