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Wednesday, September 14

Ten on Tuesday this Wednesday

I'm back! And what better way to say, 'Hello, Internet, let me reintroduce myself to you' than to do give you Ten on Tuesday's: 10 Weird Facts About You. That's me, of course.

1. I cannot stand to sit on bar stools. I actually loathe them. One of the reasons that I do not watch the Regis show, aside from the annoying hosts, is because everyone sits on bar stools.
2. I have a wonky toe nail. I'm not telling which one, nor which foot, but it's wonky from an infection from when I wore toe shoes. Every day of the week! (Kidding about that part, but it did happen when I was en pointe.) Weird and gross!
3. I used to work in a Fotomat booth. That is just a weird place to work.
4. I have an overpowering sense of smell. Am able to smell different meats, cheeses, libations, and perfumes on people. Weird!
5. The actor Eric Stoltz saved my life when I was 18. I stepped into traffic in Trafalgar Square and he pulled me up on the curb just as a double decker swooshed by. What makes this weird is that he was accompanied by that guy who played Malicki in Children of the Corn.
6. I have never and will never drink a glass of milk. And I have never had Wonder Bread. Some people think that is weird.
7. I sometimes think in haiku. Weird!
8. When I was a teenager, I went by the name of Debbie Glitter. My teachers at school knew me my that moniker. Weird!
9. Speaking of names, there is a woman with the same name as me who goes to the same doctor. My insurance has been billed for her services. Weird!
10. Have you seen my hair? Weird!!


  • At 6:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    And you realize that your very small, cute blonde cousin to this day still talks about the fact that you tried to get her to drink a chocolate milkshake at Burger King one day even though she told you she doesn't drink milk...weird... :)

  • At 7:27 PM, Blogger J Bo said…

    Ah, but *milkshakes* and a big ol glass of milk are such different things, my young jedi cousin.

  • At 8:14 PM, Blogger Vajana said…

    Malachi! Weird!

    You're back online! Great!

    don't make me force haiku ever again ya hear!


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