Ce Soir ou Jamais

tonight I write...or never

Saturday, August 13

Where's my stuff?

I have been faithfully playing Stuff Portrait Friday, and I am sad that I did not play yesterday. I was all set to take photos of my stuff, when my camera flashed the 'Warning: Battery Expired', then shut itself off. I then went frantically searching for new batteries and could not find one pack of double aa's anywhere.

Sexy husband decided to clean out the junk drawer- where all the batteries live- and Ta Da! I have batteries!

So, I will be late again, but sometime this weekend will have some photos up for you all to see.


  • At 8:58 PM, Blogger Lora said…

    Hate it when that happens...

    It's been very quite over here lately. I hope you are having too much fun to blog. I look forward to reading all about it when you have time again.


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