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Sunday, May 29

Beauty is in the bag- my girlie post

I'm a make-up and skin care freak...always have been. Ever since I was 17 and discovered Clinique and all the little freebies temptingly known as the GWP, I am hooked. And for the past 17 years, whenever there is some sort of special promotion for a line I like, I am usually at the counter purchasing some red lipstick or mascara to get my cosmetic bag filled with tiny goodies. Lancome is the one I like best and I have about 20 or so odd shaped bags and 70 mini Definicil mascaras and 40 tubes of Jezabel lipcolor. Really. I told you I was a freak for the GWP.

Right now, a generous gift with purchase is being promoted at, you guessed it, my home away from home Nordstrom. Purchase *anything* in Beauty totally $75 or more and get a tote bag filled with goodies. Goodies such as pedicure slippers and toe separators. You know I need to spend me some good cash to get some toe separators! Uh-Huh! I used to work at Nordstrom where one of my benefits was a tasty discount. So not only would I get my GWP's, I would also get my fancy cosmetics at a discount. Before I left, I made sure that I was well stocked with makeup so that I could slowly prepare myself for the day that I have to pay full price for moisturizer.

That day has come. After scraping through the bottle, and squeezing all that I could out of my samples from GWP's, I am officially out of my magic moisturizer. I clicked into Nordstom's Lancome boutique and litterally gasped at the price of this moisturizer. It's $60!!!! $60!! That's what we without discounts have to pay for this stuff that makes my skin look and feel like it did when I was 11?!!

While that still leaves $15 left to get to the qualifier, I'm torn. Do I order the moisturizer and and a Perscriptives mascara (my new faves, sorry Lancome) and that's it for new makeup? Or, do I order mascara, a different moisturizer that is half the price and still as great, *and* a jar of eye cream? Or do I just say screw it and go to Target to get the Loreal version of the same things for 1/3 less- but no GWP?!! And what happens if I try the Loreal and my skin breaks out? I certainly can't make a return at Target like I can at Nordstrom.

Oh, GAWD!!! The trauma I go through to have lovely skin.......!!!!!


  • At 3:12 PM, Anonymous Karyl said…

    Some of the fancier lines of cosmetics (like Prescriptives, Smashbox, Laura Gellar, Bare Escentuals) can be found online at QVC.com, and they're much cheaper than in the stores or at the boutique. And lots of times you can get a whole kit with full-sized items for a lot less than if you bought them separately. That may help with the pinch on your pocketbook!! :o)

  • At 3:32 PM, Anonymous Karyl said…

    Oops, I forgot to mention that Today's Special Value for QVC is Prescriptives, a five piece color collection for $50; would sell for $113 separately. It includes a Precriptives full size False Eyelashes Mascara too, and you said you needed some! :o) The price is good till 9pm tonight.

  • At 4:07 PM, Blogger J Bo said…

    Thanks, Karyl. I had to chuckle when you mentioned the Prescriptives as I was channel flipping last night and saw that being advertised! I just can't bring myself to order from television- I'm too loyal to Nordstrom.

    I did go to to Target today, but couldn't buy the Loreal. I think I'm going to get my standby moisturizer, eyecream, mascara, *and* the bag with toe separators. :)

    I really do miss my discount there.


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