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Thursday, May 26

5 for Friday

OK, so it's not Friday, but I am tired, want to go to bed, and will most likely not hit the computer first thing tomorrow morning. (I didn't do it this morning!) Anyway, Tracey wants our clique to write about 5 annoyances from this week. I had already prepared a 5 list, but with my own topic. Here's mine, then hers. Please choose one, or both, and tell me your 5 things....

5 things I don't do often enough that I really should

1. floss
2. blog well
3. the robot
4. pepper my conversations with the word 'assclown'
5. drink pinot noir

5 annoyances this week (yes, you only get 5 to complain about!)

1. Janine
2. My co-worker telling practices, 'go to wwwamerinet dot..' It's www DOT amerinet. DOT!
3. The damn dog's barking and incessant need to lick my hand.
4. Having to spend 45 minutes in a salon to get a brow wax. Yes, a 45 minute brow wax. I will post on that soon; rest assured the time spent there had nothing to do with how much hair is on my face!
5. My stained carpets. And No- I will never post a picture!


  • At 11:49 PM, Blogger Lora said…

    5 annoyances? I like your topic better.
    1. Floss
    2. Exercise
    3. Go to bed befor midnight
    4. Call my brother
    5. Handle my paperwork

    Where in Texas are you heading?

  • At 10:12 AM, Blogger J Bo said…

    We are going to be in Midland/Odessa for a few days to visit with Darian's Great Grandma and Scott's Dad, Pop-Pop.


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