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Saturday, July 1

Baby II~ Electric Bugaloo

Piper is one active baby girl and recently I have begun to feel her auditioning for 'So You Think You Can Dance?' in utero. Initially, I would feel little flutters near my hips and was convinced that she was practicing her JAZZ HANDS. Then a little heel to the ribs a la the cha cha. Other times, I would feel her head and knees press into my bladder, pelvis and general nether regions as if she was doing crunches to warm up. This move is extremely painful to the person who carries her everywhere and I have had to tell her many times to STOP IT ALREADY!!

In fact, I have just sent her a memo reminding her of the few simple rules of body sharing:

1. At no time are you to be working out. No crunches, push ups and
absolutely no pilates. There's hardly room for me to stretch anymore.
2. If you happen to find yourself doing a little jig, share with me the
song in your head. Someone just hit me with 'C'mon Eileen' and I think I am
going insane.
3. While break dancing is awfully cool, can you stop doing that snake thing?
I'm feeling woozy enough with this Seattle heat.
4. Save the tae kwon do kicking for your father!!!

By abiding by these small requests, can we merrily spend the next 7 weeks. Oh, my...did I just say 7 weeks? Your imminent birth is creepin' up on me, kid.


  • At 8:30 AM, Blogger Vajana said…

    oh i love the kicking. I just don't like the ROLLING!


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