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Sunday, July 9

I'm not ready to have a baby....yet

Friday I went in for a routine OB check when my doctor nonchalantly said that I have a 'bit of protein' in my urine. My blood pressure was slightly higher than normal and there is some concern about my ever swollen ankles and hands, so, of course that means that I have preeclampsia. OK. Not really. But... I go back to the doctor on Thursday for another check and he said that if things look the same, or the protein levels have increased, then he will have to INDUCE ME.

"OH NO!, " I exclaimed! "Dr. A, I cannot have this baby before August 21. For one: my mother does not even arrive to help me until August 26. For two: taking the twelve weeks maternity leave during the week of August 12 has me back in the office the week of Thanksgiving. That's a holiday week; the perfect time to get back into the routine of work. And for three: I HAVEN'T EVEN HAD MY BABY SHOWER YET!!!"

Dr. A gave a comforting smile and asked, "Didn't having Darian teach you anything about having babies?"

"Yes! She came 45 minutes after her due date! I can have a baby when I want to!!!"

Trying not to laugh at his obviously mental patient, Dr. A gently said, "You believe what you want, and I will see you next week. Watch out for blurred vision and headaches."

Blurred vision and headaches?! Blurred vision and headaches?! My doctor just used the term 'induce' and he expects me to be wary of a headache? That word alone uttered to a 8.5 month pregnant woman is cause for a headache. Preeclampsia, or not!
So, naturally I have been having mild freakouts and one rager of a headache since Friday afternoon.

I came home and just stared in utter disbelief that my house will soon have a newborn living in it. Where? The crib is still disassembled in the garage; the moses basket is still in storage. Darian's two rooms have yet to be condensed and painted to make way for Piper. I have not one diaper, receiving blanket, or CAR SEAT to call my baby's. (However, I did win an auction on eBay last week- my first ever- and will be getting a brand new kate spade diaper bag in the mail this week, in addition to my petunia pickle bottom! I KNOW!! My priorities with having a new baby are SERIOUSLY OUT OF WACK!! Please do not rub it in. I'm a little tense at the moment. Thank you very much.)

My husband and my very good girlfriends have assured me that everything will be fine and not worry so much. I do realize that all the 'problems' can be solved with a quick trip to Babies R Us and Costco and that the home organization can be done in less than a weekend if my husband rallies one guy friend to work with him. ::::Sidebar: my husband said that because Darian's room is to be painted two colors that it cannot possibly be done in a weekend and I asked, "Have you not seen Trading Spaces? Like hell you can't get that room painted in a weekend." "Oh, yeah, they get a room painted in a weekend, but I bet a week later it looks like crap." UGH!!! Just humor me, husband!! Paint the frickin' room!!!

Dear internet, I have not asked you for much, but today I ask that you send Have Piper On Her Due Date Or Close Enough To It vibes my way. I know all of you out there know that babies come when they are ready, not when Mommy has the house ready, but, like I asked of my husband, HUMOR ME.


  • At 11:48 AM, Blogger Vajana said…

    oh honey, i am so sorry you are having this stress!!! My daughter has to be born before Thanksgiving too, as LP has most of that week off for holiday...

    It will all fall into place don't worry.

    And yes, I painted my daughter's room two colors in a weekend and it still looks fine. All good.:)

  • At 10:06 PM, Blogger Mel said…

    Good luck with that! (I insisted my daughter would come 5 days after her due date, September 10. She arrived September 2.)


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