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Thursday, June 8

Seen, Heard, Said in the Kitchen

"So, you forgot to get Darian's cereal when you were at the store."

"Yeah," I agreed, "I thought $4.19 for her raisin bran was too expensive considering Trader Joe's carries it for like $2.99."

"But you got 3 pints of Haagen Daz."

"I know! And I got a couple boxes of these great chocolate cookies to keep at my desk at work! They're from the Netherlands!"

"I'll bet they were about $4 a box?"

"Yup. About that much."

"So let me get this straight: you just spent twenty bucks on overpriced sweets, but you think $4.19 is too much to pay for organic cereal, so our child has to go without her favorite breakfast in the morning?"

"Honey- it's Haagen Daz and cookies. A pregnant gal has her priorities."


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    hey I noticed you said you had a Dyson vacuum. We just went and bought the same animal hair model, how do you like it? Is it worth it?


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