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Saturday, June 3

That's a Croc

One of my favorite things in the world is shoes. I adore shopping for shoes, wearing shoes, and looking at all the shoes in my closet. The shoes I love most to wear are slides that have a 2 to 3 inch heel but I also love a cute maryjane and a Puma sneaker. Since becoming pregnant, I have had to limit the pairs that I wear as swollen feet are hard to get into a size 7 leather slide. Recently, I flew to Denver and the only shoes I packed were heels which meant I had to go shoe shopping! There is no better bonding experience with your boss than discovering a Shoe Pavilion on crack as we could not locate my all time favorite, and hands down, the best shoe store. I came home from the trip with 2 new pair of shoes, having spent a total of 36 hours on Denver soil.

My daughter does not have the same taste in or love of shoes that I do and that is OK, but with the way her feet grow, she owns more pairs than I do. For some time, she has been asking for a pair of slip on clogs. Her home responsibilities include trash duty and litter pan which means she is running out to the garbage about thirty times a day. Generally, she slips on my Ecco clogs- yes, I do have a pair of clogs and I swear they are only worn on the grounds of Monkey Hill- but since my trip to Denver, she has chosen my New Balance slides. Every time that kid slips on my shoes, I fear her toppling down the stairs breaking her leg, or throwing out her back since her feet resemble a pair of skis and mine look like baseball cut rib-eyes. Her feet could drown in my shoes; fortunately they can hold their breath longer than David Blaine can. I need to get past my fear.

Darian's best friend in the world has a snazzy pair of bright green clogs and she has been coveting these shoes for quite some time. Her friend will tell us how comfortable they are, despite the fact that they look like they belong on the peds of a garden gnome, not on a skinny kid. And her parents and brother have pairs, too! A whole family of elfin shoe wearers! They remind me that quality and comfort don't necessarily translate to 'good looking' and I should know this having a pair of Ecco clogs in my wardrobe. Still, they are freakin' ugly shoes.

So last week I gave in after a visit to REI and bought her THESE in fuchsia. While I will not permit her to wear them to school- I know, I am so mean!- she has worn them out to martial arts class and had them on last night when I took her out to dinner. I hate to tell you this, but the waitress COMPLIMENTED her shoes! My home away from home is promoting them. And then as I catch up on blogs, I find this.



  • At 3:48 PM, Anonymous Karyl said…

    I know tons of people that swear they're the comfiest things EVERRRR! Me, I can't possibly see how a quarter inch of what feels like cheap foam (and even the expensive versions feel cheap) can possibly be comfy. Lots of people in service industries swear by 'em.

    I just went to Famous Footwear yesterday and scored one pair of White Mountain thong sandals for $15 and a pair of LEI beaded ballerinas for $5. I am a shoe whore, and I am okay with that! ;o)

  • At 9:16 PM, Anonymous Husband said…

    THIS cracked me up. I love how I've been telling you for over a decade that comfort and function are far more important than fashion, but it took our daughter to show you the true path to enlightenment.

  • At 4:45 AM, Anonymous ruth duschl said…

    I have a pair in blue and Felecia and I both wear them to take out the trash and sometimes she walks the dog in them.they will one of the pairs of shoes I bring with me in just 11 weeks. love,Mom

  • At 6:21 AM, Blogger Vajana said…

    i'm going to have to disagree with your husband, as actually these horrendous things ARE in 'fashion'. At least in the Midwest, they are the 'cool' things to have. All the kids beg for them, except for mine, who is a total fashion victim like her mother.

    My mom bought me a pair of the Croc sandals, and honestly they aren't any more comfy than any other shoe I have. but whatever!

  • At 8:54 PM, Blogger Lora said…

    They're d*** comfortable. I spent the end of my pregnancy bouncing between my birks and my danskos.

  • At 8:13 PM, Anonymous The Neighbor said…

    OK....I'm choosing not to take offense to my tribe being called "elfin shoe-wearers"!!! You know that the paternal one over here holds the same opinion you do.
    One day I finally told him to lay off my Crocs and that life is TOO short to wear uncomfortable shoes. (I understand that some will argue that life is too short to wear UGLY shoes!) And then I promptly ordered him a pair. He loves them. We now all four of us wear them. And so does my mother. I'm kind of p.o.'d though because now that everyone is wearing them, I feel like I have to go and find a NEW comfortable, ugly shoe to embarrass my neighbors with!! And dare I admit to you that I'm tempted to polish my black Crocs up with ArmorAll and wear them to the symphony????

  • At 4:13 PM, Anonymous Carol said…

    Tell Darian I have them in bright yellow and wear them all the time. Scott - I put them on right after I get off the bike...I never knew my feet could be so comfortable. : )

    At your home away from home...a few weeks ago I built an entire 'boutique' featuring the brand. Even I gave a moment's pause at that.


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